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Courses in Ghatkopar: B.Pharma, D.Pharma & B.Sc in Nursing

National Pharmacy Academy in Thane

About Us

National Pharmacy Academy has developed its campus in a huge area with advanced infrastructure. We have well-equipped labs, modern libraries, and a drug museum. We are also aiming to add more such new facilities which will help in building the potential of the students. The medicines that are manufactured in India are of high quality and many pharmaceutical companies have already started capturing the international market. And to compete with the other global leaders, our pharmacists should be competent enough in the field of research and development, manufacturing, marketing, and quality assurance. National Pharmacy Academy aims to develop its students as competent pharmacists who will have the right attitude backed by solid academic excellence.

Our Courses

Bachelor In Pharmacy Colleges in Thane

B Pharma

Diploma In Pharmacy

Bachelor In Pharmacy Colleges in Thane

D Pharma

Bachelor In Pharmacy

National Pharmacy Academy in Thane

B.Sc in Nursing

Bachelor In Pharmacy

Bachelor In Pharmacy Colleges in Thane


Diploma in Pharmacy

Our Features

Organised Lecture

In National Pharmacy Academy lectures are well Organised and stimulate motivation and interest in a subject area.

Best Educare System

Our philosophy is to develop the full potential of students by responding to their personal, and professional needs.

Experience Teacher

The staff of our academy are highly qualified. They are trained and updated to new technologies.


Laboratory are well ventilated and design according to the safety of students.there is also emergency exit door.More


Open 365 days in a year, the library is a large, comfortable space with a wide range of holdings which help student's to learn.

Focusing on Practicals

We at National Pharmacy Academy focus on practical based learning for better understanding in an unique way

Our Campus

Pharmacy Course in Mumbai
National Pharmacy Academy in Thane
National Pharmacy Academy in Thane
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